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    Amazon launches online pharmacy in India starting from Bengaluru.

    CPG Retail    Amazon    R&D Consulting    India   


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    Smart shopping cart by Amazon that knows what you are buying. No cashier needed.

    CPG Retail    Amazon   


  • 3

    Amazon announces Halo, a fitness band and app. It makes a 3D model of your body and tracks the emotional tone in your voice.

    Telecom    Amazon   


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    Amazon is buying 1,800 electric delivery vans from Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, the retailer’s biggest commitment to date to cut the carbon footprint of its delivery operations in Europe.

    Automotive    CPG Retail    Amazon    Mercedes   


  • 5

    Amazon made the silicon module with MediaTek . Its AZ1 Neural Edge processor will make Alexa voice commands even faster.

    Telecom    Amazon    MediaTek    Silicon Design & Testing   


  • 6

    Amazon redesigns Echo Dot as sphere. Now they look like kid’s toys.

    Telecom    Amazon    UX Design   


  • 7

    Amazon has announced a new investment drive to expand research and development of autonomous delivery technology in the UK. It will create a new team at its Cambridge development center focused on Amazon Scout, the company’s fully electric autonomous delivery service.

    CPG Retail    Amazon    United Kingdom   


  • 8

    Amazon is creating another 1,000 permanent jobs in Ireland. The new employment opportunities will range from software development engineers, network development engineers, systems development engineers, optical deployment engineers, database engineers, Dev Ops engineers, and support engineers, as well as data center technicians and mechanical and electrical engineers, solutions architects, security specialists, big data specialists, technical and non-technical program managers, and account managers.

    CPG Retail    Amazon    Ireland   


  • 9

    Amazon will increase its workforce in Spain by 2,000 positions. The company is also expanding its rapidly growing Madrid Tech hub where over 300 developers and computer engineers are working on software applications for Amazon Business, reading and Kindle technologies as well as retail.

    CPG Retail    Amazon    Spain   


  • 10

    Amazon will now let you pay with your palm in its stores.

    CPG Retail    Amazon   


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