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    Telefônica Vivo (Brazil) extends multi-year managed services agreement and expands with selection of Amdocs Data Management Solution.

    Telecom    Amdocs    Telefonica    Network engineering   


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    Amdocs to acquire Openet and augments its capability in 5G, charging and cloud.

    Telecom    Amdocs   


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    Amdocs will fully automate PLDT’s operations by modernizing and consolidating its operational support systems (OSS) across consumer and enterprise service offerings.

    Telecom    Amdocs    PLDT    Network engineering    Philippines   


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    Bell extends its cloud native strategy and expands its agreement with Amdocs to incorporate an extended set of Amdocs’ real-time microservices.

    Telecom    Amdocs    Bell    Network engineering    Canada   


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