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    Audi and ABB are nearing completion of their joint partnership to bring charging points in-to Audi Authorised Dealerships nationwide in new zealand, offering AC and DC charging solutions,

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    KUKA was awarded the contract for the planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of ten robot stations for automated seam sealing and insulation application, including material supply. Several Audi models will be sealed and damped in a wide range of variants on this production line.

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    Audi and Climeworks store CO2 from the atmosphere underground. Climeworks is building the world’s largest direct air capture and storage facility in Iceland where 4,000 metric tons of CO2 will be stored as rock underground each year. Audi has been supporting the development of CO2 capturing technology with the goal of achieving net CO2-neutrality company-wide by 2050.

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    AUDI snubs EVs, says will continue to “massively” invest in combustion engines.

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