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    Verizon Business to create next-generation global network infrastructure for Bayer. Historically, Bayer’s in-house team looked after its global IT real estate, but now it decided to outsource management of the majority of its global network environment to a single service provider. Verizon Business will deliver managed network services to over 700 sites in 91 countries. This includes a managed global Private IP network, a managed software-defined Wide Area Network, and Professional Services support and governance.

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    Bayer and Temasek unveil innovative new company, Unfold, focused on developing breakthroughs in vertical farming. It will focus on innovation in vegetable varieties with the goal of lifting the vertical farming space to the next level of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

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    Interesting deal between Bayer and One Data (Informed Data Systems) to jointly develop digital health products across therapeutic areas. Bayer to provide series C funding to One Data. One Data will receive platform development fees. Bayer will receive royalties on sale of One Data Platform. Later Bayer may also commercialize jointly developed platform.

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    Bayer will acquire KaNDy Therapeutics Ltd. to expand its drug development pipeline in women’s healthcare.

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