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    Continental selected DXC Technology and Luxoft as key partners for Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), a cloud-based automotive services framework for creating transformative vehicle architectures and software. The CAEdge modular hardware and software framework, developed in conjunction with AWS, connects vehicles to the cloud.

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    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    Continental and aft automotive set up JV. Less weight, reduced CO2 emissions: New company will develop and manufacture couplings made of high-performance plastics for the automotive industry.

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    Continental Systematically Saves CO2 Emissions Using Green Electricity in its Conveyor Belt Plant in Chile.

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    Continental to build driver info systems plant in Serbia’s Novi Sad. It will also expand its R&D center there.

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    BMZ and Continental are making a rubber supply chain digitally traceable for the first time. Successful documentation of the entire supply chain from cultivation and further processing Indonesia to tire plant in Germany through a digital tracing system. It can prevent rubber from entering the supply chain from non-registered areas, e.g. illegally deforested areas.

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    Continental sales down by 40% in the last quarter. Profitability in negative zone (-9%). Automotive engineering services will only be normal, when OEMs and Tier-1s return back to profitability.

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    Vitesco Technologies, a Continental subsidiary delivers integrated electric axle drive to Dongfeng, its first Chinese customer. R&D priority for electric drive for EV is increase in power density, reducing weight, size and cable complexity.

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    Continental has installed the fastest supercomputer in automotive industry for developing AI use cases. The new supercomputer consists of more than 50 networked “NVIDIA DGX” units. Also, about 20,000 of its 51,000 engineers are software experts. It also has 900 AI experts.

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