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    Delta Electronics sees booming shipments for industrial automation products in 1H20.

    Industrial Equipment    Delta Electronics   


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    Delta inaugurated an R&D center jointly established with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The center focuses on power management and dynamic simulation of energy storage systems currently and will extend R&D to 5G, cloud computing and AI in the future.

    Industrial Equipment    Delta Electronics    Simulation    Taiwan   


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    Delta Electronics, announced today its new Delta electric vehicle (EV) Charging Station Yokohama, jointly developed and operated by Delta and Japanese energy company Idemitsu Kosan. It integrates Delta’s energy storage, power conditioning system, EV chargers, DeltaGrid IoT energy management system, the Delta-patented EV charging payment EZQC App, as well as Delta’s retail IoT solutions.

    Automotive    Delta Electronics    IoT    Japan   


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    A 72 hour power backup rule at mobile towers in California is a good growth driver for telecom power system firms including Vertiv, Delta Electronics, ABB.

    Industrial Equipment    Delta Electronics    Vertiv    ABB    United States   


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