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    Gulfstream will construct a new aircraft MRO facility in Arizona with more than $70 million investment. is designing the facility with sustainable operations in mind. It will feature a fuel farm with a dedicated sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply; low-flow plumbing fixtures; LED lighting; building management systems; and an energy-efficient HVAC system. It is also eploring Green Power.

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    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2021

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    Gulfstream announced an additional enhancement to its Cabin Experience, by further investing in customer health through plasma ionization. The air purification system, which complements Gulfstream’s already 100% fresh-air environment, has proven in lab tests to kill pathogens and allergens.

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    Western Jet Aviation and Collins Aerospace are set to soon complete KuSAT-2000 STCs that enable LuxStream connectivity service on popular Gulfstream aircraft. LuxStream offers speeds up to 25 Mbps in the U.S. and 15 Mbps globally.

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