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    Hitachi Energy has expanded its high-voltage factory in Sevlievo, Bulgaria in order to meet the growing demand for high-voltage products globally.

    Industrial Equipment    Hitachi    Manufacturing Plants    Bulgaria   

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2022

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    Hitachi Automotive Systems stereo camera with nighttime pedestrian detection adopted by Suzuki for their “Spacia” series with enhanced safety devices.

    Automotive    Hitachi    Enterprise Deals    ADAS   

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

Previous Data
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    Hitachi ABB Power Grids to acquire US-based Pioneer Solutions LLC, a provider of industry-leading front-to-back-office Commodities/Energy Trading and Risk Management (C/ETRM) solutions. Energy hardware company acquiring energy trading ISV.

    Energy Process    Hitachi    R&D Consulting    Software Platform Design Development Testing Support   


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    World’s first fossil free island in Portugal, Porto Sonto, is using Hitachi ABB Power Grid Solution along with Renault EV second life batteries. At the end of the service, EV batteries still have 70 power left which could be used for renewable energy storage.

    Industrial Equipment    Hitachi    Renault    Portugal   


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    Hitachi Automotive Systems announced that their ADAS ECU and high-definition map position unit capable of automatic map updates via OTA has been adopted in Nissan new model SKYLINE.

    Automotive    Hitachi    Nissan   


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