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    Toyota and Honda will create a mobile power generation/output system, Moving e, that consists of a fuel cell bus that can carry a large amount of hydrogen, portable external power output devices and portable batteries, and will begin demonstration testing of the system’s ability to deliver electricity anytime and anywhere.

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    Honda and General Motors sign MoU toward establishing a strategic alliance in North America. The alliance will generate substantial cost efficiencies from shared vehicle platforms and propulsion systems both electrified and IC, joint purchasing, potential manufacturing efficiencies and other collaboration efforts. This would enable both GM and Honda to make greater investments in advanced and next-generation technologies. The alliance would explore combining the R&D efforts between the two companies related to advanced technology areas, including electrical architecture, advanced driver assist systems, infotainment, connectivity and vehicle-to-everything communication.

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    Honda forms connected car research venture with China’s Neusoft.

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    LG Elec to supply automotive telematics systems to Honda.

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    Honda will buy a 1 per cent stake in Chinese electric vehicle (EV) battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and the two will jointly develop EV batteries.

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