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    The world's largest passenger elevator has been installed in Mumbai at Jio World Center by Kone. It can carry 200 people together.

    Industrial Equipment    Kone    India   

    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2022

Previous Data
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    KONE has won an order to supply and install more than 70 elevators for the Grand Paris Express metro project in Paris.

    Industrial Equipment    Kone    France   


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    KONE upgrades its business outlook for 2020 following better than expected development in the third quarter.

    Industrial Equipment    Kone   


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    KONE sets ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and pledges to have carbon neutral operations by 2030.

    Industrial Equipment    Kone   


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    KONE wins order for Punggol Digital District, a smart and sustainable development in Singapore.

    Industrial Equipment    Kone    Singapore   


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