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    LG Chem has succeeded in flight testing of an unmanned vehicle at the highest altitude using the next generation battery for the first time in Korea.

    Aerospace    LG Chem    South Korea   


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    General Motors Ultium Battery Factory ( JV with LG Chem ) is coming up in Ohio. It will reduce cost of EV battery from $145/kWh to $100/kWh.

    Automotive    LG Chem    R&D Consulting    United States   


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    LG Group has formed a research consortium with global partners including Total to discover high-performance materials with AI and robotics. The consortium will search for environment-friendly catalysts and advanced optical materials. The use of AI will significantly reduce the time of finding new materials with precise analysis of data compared with the traditional research method involving many tests.

    Energy Process    LG Chem    Total    Chemical & Material R&D    AI/Analytics/ Automation   


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    LG Chem Splits Battery Business

    Automotive    LG Chem    R&D Consulting   


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