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    Bertrandt as a development partner for e-trucks. The company has played a key role in battery development for the eActros from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

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    Q2(Apr-May-Jun), 2022

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    Capgemini has been awarded a contract extension by Mercedes-Benz AG until 2024 for the development and maintenance of the core Electric/Electronic Product Data Management application in a R&D environment. The EE-PDM application is used for the development and documentation of electronic vehicle components. Capgemini will now support in migrating the application to the cloud and further transforming it in a microservices environment with DevOps.

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    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    The telematics-based “InScore” insurance solution from Mercedes-Benz Bank can save up to 30%.

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    Amazon is buying 1,800 electric delivery vans from Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, the retailer’s biggest commitment to date to cut the carbon footprint of its delivery operations in Europe.

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    Mercedes-Benz Trucks presents two worldwide innovations in their trucks for more safety on the road. The first is Active Sideguard Assist with automated braking function. Also available is emergency stop function which can automatically brake the vehicle to a complete halt in case of an emergency.

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    Mercedes-Benz and CATL will create cutting-edge battery technology in support of the high-volume electrification of the Mercedes-Benz model portfolio. The agreement covers the full range of battery technologies, from cells across modules for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to entire battery systems for Mercedes-Benz Vans in promising innovative technology configurations. This also includes the CATL cell-to-pack (CTP) design, which eliminates conventional modules and integrates the cells directly into the battery.

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    Mercedes-Benz eActros electrifies Rotterdam and The Hague with logistics service provider Simon Loos.

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    Food box delivery service HelloFresh receives seven refrigerated Mercedes-Benz eVito. The battery-electric vans also open up locally emission-free solutions for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. The active cooling only requires a small additional battery battery load.

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    Capgemini has been selected by Mercedes Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) to provide application development and maintenance services across generic, testing and niche technologies. The contract was awarded as part of a vendor consolidation exercise. Capgemini was selected as one of the major partners in this multi-vendor deal.

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