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    Panasonic has developed jointly with Nissan a high-performance intelligence electronic mirror for driver safety. It features significant image definition enhancement for better visibility at night and control of a flicker phenomenon caused by the LED lamps of vehicles behind.

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    Nissan achieves breakthrough in carbon fiber parts production. Nissan aims to use the new process to mass-produce CFRP parts and introduce them in more cars for customers. The innovation can cut the lead time to develop such components by as much as half, and cycle time for molding by about 80%, compared with conventional methods.

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    Renault and Nissan, within their Alliance, have signed a MoU with Uber with the aim of electrifying its customers’ journeys in Europe. The companies will now explore a span partnership to provide partner drivers on the Uber App with affordable electric vehicles in European markets, notably in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Portugal. It follows a successful pilot between Nissan and Uber in the UK.

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    Hitachi Automotive Systems announced that their ADAS ECU and high-definition map position unit capable of automatic map updates via OTA has been adopted in Nissan new model SKYLINE.

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    Nissan moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing. I plans to migrate computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics simulation, and 3D visualization to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to bring new cars to market faster. Will more auto enterprises move simulation workload to cloud?

    Automotive    Nissan    Oracle    Oracle    Simulation    Advanced IT ? Cybersecurity, Cloud, Blockchain   


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