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    NVIDIA is buying Arm for $40 billion.

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    Desay SV Automotive is one step closer to becoming a Level-4 player in the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, with the launch of its third-generation Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU-03). Powered by NVIDIA‘s Drive AGX Xavier Platform, the IPU-03 will enable Xpeng Motors of China to achieve Level 3 autonomous driving capability in the company’s latest and future car model launches.

    Automotive    Desay    Nvidia    Embedded. Design &Testing    AI/Analytics/ Automation    China   


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    TuSimple and Navistar will build self-driving semi trucks, powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform.

    Automotive    Navistar    Nvidia   


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    NVIDIA.?eclipses?Intel?first time in valuation. Nvidia $248 Billion. Intel $246 Billion.

    Telecom    Nvidia   


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    Continental has installed the fastest supercomputer in automotive industry for developing AI use cases. The new supercomputer consists of more than 50 networked “NVIDIA DGX” units. Also, about 20,000 of its 51,000 engineers are software experts. It also has 900 AI experts.

    Automotive    Continental    Nvidia    AI/Analytics/ Automation   


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