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    Panasonic has developed jointly with Nissan a high-performance intelligence electronic mirror for driver safety. It features significant image definition enhancement for better visibility at night and control of a flicker phenomenon caused by the LED lamps of vehicles behind.

    Automotive    Nissan    Panasonic    Embedded. Design &Testing   


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    Jio and Panasonic Avionics subsidiary, AeroMobile have partnered to launch India’s first in-flight services for JioPostpaid Plus users.

    Aerospace    Jio    Panasonic    Network engineering   


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    Panasonic plans to increase Tesla‘s battery production capacity by investing more than 100 million US dollars in Nevada.

    Automotive    Panasonic    Tesla   


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    Panasonic develops industry’s first sensor enabling real-time simultaneous measurement of the flow rate and concentration of hydrogen under a highly humid environment.

    Automotive    Panasonic    Mechanical & Electrical. Design & Testing   


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