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    Shell is supplying renewable energy to T-Systems sister company, T-Mobile US. In turn, subsidiaries of Shell have awarded T-Systems a contract to install more than 10,000 EV chargers in Germany

    Automotive    Energy Process    Shell    T Systems    Mechanical & Electrical. Design & Testing    EV Charging    Partnership 360    Sustainability    Germany   

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    Regular bitumen products usually receive complaints from affected on-site workers as well as residents of communities surrounding construction areas. Addressing this concern while putting sustainability in mind, Shell developed Bitumen FreshAir at its world-class R&D Centre in Bangalore, India. It significantly reduced the levels of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide by an average of 40% during asphalt production and road paving when compared to using conventional bitumen.The product has been tested in four major locations such as France, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Netherlands where positive changes in air quality are being reported. Now it is being offered in Philippines.

    Construction    Energy Process    Shell    Chemical & Material R&D    Technology Innovation    Enterprise NPD    Sustainability    India   

    Q1(Jan-feb-Mar), 2021

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