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    Thyssenkrupp and Wilhelmsen will collaborate on delivering maritime spare parts using 3D printing. Maritime fleets spend $13 billion USD per year on spare parts; with 50% of these vessels being older than 15 years, availability of parts are limited. This makes fulfillment of orders for maritime spare parts costly and complicated.

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    Thyssenkrupp is investing in the construction of a new walking beam furnace in Hot Strip Mill 2 at the Duisburg location. The new unit is intended to ensure a significantly improved surface quality of premium sheets, which are used, for instance, for exterior car body shells. This is part of its strategy to focus on profitable steel grades including multiphase steels, lightweight construction steels and grades with a high surface quality.

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    thyssenkrupp commences operational realignment of automotive system engineering and this will be split into two independent companies for body and powertrain.

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