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    BASF and Toyota collaborate for light weighting success on 2021 Sienna, which features first-of-its-kind third row free-standing seatbacks. BASF polymer solution results in 30% weight reduction and 15% cost savings vs prior generation.

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    Toyota and Honda will create a mobile power generation/output system, Moving e, that consists of a fuel cell bus that can carry a large amount of hydrogen, portable external power output devices and portable batteries, and will begin demonstration testing of the system’s ability to deliver electricity anytime and anywhere.

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    Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, the new joint-venture between the two auto companies, on Thursday announced an additional $830 million investment in its new Alabama plant.

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    Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development announces expansion and launches a new holding company which will consolidate Toyota‘s software technology development and will also offer services to other customers. It will focus on a more agile “software-first” development process and Software Defined Architecture. Auto OEMs are making their software units as separate business unit.

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    Toyota announced the launch of its Toyota Used Vehicle Online Store, a service for customers to order used vehicles online in Japan. The service provides everything customers need to complete the purchase of a used vehicle online, from quotation through to contracting, for select used vehicles via Toyota dealers.

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