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    Volkswagen and Uber launch pilot project with electric vehicles in Berlin.

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    Volkswagen and Brose Group create JV for global automotive seating.

    Automotive    Brose    Volkswagen    R&D Consulting   


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    Volkswagen opens vehicle assembly facility in Ghana with installed capacity to assembly 5, 000 units per annum Ghana becomes the fifth Volkswagen vehicle assembly location in Sub-Saharan Africa; the other locations are in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda. Volkswagen is strengthening the regions and focusing on new up-and-coming markets as part of its TRANSFORM 2025+ brand strategy.

    Automotive    Volkswagen    R&D Consulting    Ghana   


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    11 companies join Volkswagen and AWS Industrial Cloud. ABB, ASCon Systems, Celonis, Dürr, Grob-Werke, NavVis, Synaos, Teradata and Wago, and consulting firms BearingPoint and MHP.

    Industry4.0    Volkswagen    AWS    Siemens Digital    Advanced IT ? Cybersecurity, Cloud, Blockchain   


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    Volkswagen Group is ensuring greater transparency and responsibility in its raw material supply chains for batteries. To that end, the company has entered a strategic partnership with RCS Global, an agency specializing in supply chain analysis. The focus is on auditing suppliers for conformance with human rights, safe working conditions and environmental protection along the supply chain all the way back to the mines.

    Automotive    Volkswagen    SCM   


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    Car.Software Org of Volkswagen acquires camera software business area from HELLA. Through the acquisition, the software company of the Volkswagen Group will expand its competence in the field of image processing. Car.Software Org develops assistance systems and automated driving functions for all brands of the Volkswagen Group.

    Automotive    Hella    Volkswagen    R&D Consulting   


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    Volkswagen Group Logistics is switching all Deutsche Bahn carriage of materials and vehicles within Germany to green electricity by the start of 2021. This will cut over 26,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year compared to the conventional electricity mix.

    Automotive    Volkswagen    Germany   


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